How Do You Respond To The Death Of A Dream? by Ronnie Floyd

Message #8
2 Samuel 7:1-5
June 6, 1993
This past fall, the defensive lineman of the New York Jets,
Dennis Byrd, was carried off the field never to walk again.
The dream of playing professional football was quickly taken
away from him. His dream died.
Dennis Byrd responded as few respond to personal tragedy.
What many did not know is that Dennis Byrd was a born-
again Christian with an intimate walk with Jesus Christ.
He shared this with everyone in the media. In fact, when
asked how he was making it through the tragedy, he testified
about the grace of God taking place in his life. I was told
that even a major New York newspaper carried Dennis Byrd's
daily devotion the day following so that people of
Metropolitan New York would be able to understand how
he was making it so victoriously through the tragedy.
Dennis Byrd wanted God to get the glory. He wanted to
walk again. He wanted to have the strength to simply hold
his little girl. God has honored all of these desires.
Dennis Byrd's dream to play professional football died.
However, God has now just redirected his life to have even
a greater impact for Jesus Christ than he would have been
otherwise able to have.
Have you ever had a dream for your life and the dream died?
How did you respond? Were you angry? Did you become
bitter? Did you adjust? Did you respond with maturity?
Many times the dreams may be God-honoring, however,
the Lord does not fulfill them for your good.
God never takes anything away from you that He does
not give you something better.
The message today is entitled, "How Do You Respond
To The Death Of A Dream?" Let's break this chapter
and this segment of David's life into four major areas
to talk about this morning.
I. A TIME TO DREAM. (v. 1)
T xp1~in:
According to Scripture, David's life had been filled
with one challenge after another ...

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