It's Time To...celebrate by Ronnie Floyd

Message #7
2 Samuel 6:13-16
May 30, 1993
My Dacula, Georgia Crusade experience. There was
celebration about what God was doing.
There is one word that describes what I want to happen
on Sunday morning here in our church. It is the word,
Each Sunday morning we come to celebrate all that Jesus
has done for us, is doing for us, and what He is going to
do through us. When worship becomes celebration worship
an atmosphere is created that is contagious.
The most divisive issue in most churches today is the
issue of worship. The question is asked, "which way is
the right way to worship" or "how should we worship God?"
If I can get excited about the Cowboys winning the Super
Bowl, the Razorback Recruiting Season, and my son
getting a base hit in a baseball game, then I should really
get excited about Jesus and what He has done and is doing
in my life.
I have people almost every Sunday come up to me
and say, "Pastor, I wanted to shout today, but I held
myself back." Our staff told me recently, nSome
times we just want to let go in worship, but we were
not sure you would want us to." I say, nLet go!"
nshout!" "enjoy it!n
I have always found out that it is easier to cool off
a fanatic, than it is to raise up a corpse.
In our story today David danced before the Lord.
For him it was, "Time To ... Celebrate." Let's survey
this chapter today and look at the major issues in it.
The Ark of Covenant is also known as the Ark of
the Lord or the Ark of God.
The Ark of the Covenant had been separated from
the tabernacle for 100 years. The Philistines had
captured it.
The Ark of the Covenant was a box or a chest that
was four feet long, two and one-half feet wide
and two and one-half feet deep. It was rectangular
in shape and had rings on the ends of it so poles
could carry the A ...

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