When Others May Pass You By, God Does'nt by Ronnie Floyd

Message #1
I Samuel 16:1-13
April 18, 1993
My story of being rejected by a church in Houston, Texas.
They passed me by, but God didn't. He anointed me for
something far greater than what they desired to have.
Do you know what it is like not to be chosen? Perhaps
you are one on the playground that no one chooses to
be on their team. Perhaps you are single and have not
been chosen yet as someone's mate for life. Perhaps
you have been passed over on the job as someone who
is not important. What can we learn from this today?
ISRAEL had begged God for a king. Finally, God granted
their request and they selected a natural, handsome,
and capable person by the name of Saul. Early in
Saul's reign he honored God, but all of a sudden his
pride, disobedience to God, rationalization and
rebellion caught up with Him and God rejected him
as king.
READ I Samuel 13:13-14; 15:23.
SAMUEL was then charged by God to discover and anoint
the next King of Israel, even though Saul continued
to reign as King. The Lord told him to go to
Bethlehem, to the house of Jesse, and there he would
anoint the next King of Isreal. Therefore, the beauty
contest began between the seven sons of Jesse. It
sounds like the way a lot of churches call pastors
and other staff members.
READ I Samuel 16:6-7
I. A WILLING HEART. (Acts 13:22)
FxlE in:
David is known as a man after God's own heart. He
was a man of great devotion. What does it mean that
he was a man after God's own heart.
"Who will do all My will" - David was so devoted
to God that God knew He would do all of His will.
David had a willing heart.
Our daily prayer to the Lord should include, "Lord,
I want to be a person after Your heart, willing to do
all of Your wiiL" This is my prayer daily.
How willing are you to do all God's will? God will not
choose you ...

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