How To Slay The Giants In Your Life by Ronnie Floyd

Message #2
I Samuel 17
April 25, 1993
He was nine and one-half feet tall. His armor weighed
200 pounds. The head of his spear weighed 25 pounds.
He was arrogant. He was merciless. He was intimidating.
He was a Philistine. He was a giant of a man. He was
called their "Champion." His name was Goliath.
For forty days and forty nights he would challenge the
army of Israel, defying their God. Twice a day for forty
days he would issue a challenge for any man to fight him.
Saul's army was powerful numerically, but puny spiritually.
The army of God, Israel, was fearful of becoming slaves
to the Philistines because they felt they could not defeat
Goliath. To them he appeared not only as a Champion,
but a god!
We learned last week that David, a middle-age teenager,
had been anointed by God to become the King of Israel.
Saul, not knowing this, begin to experience an evil spirit.
To calm this evil spirit, Saul requested someone who could
play the harp well, to come and ease this spirit. David
was selected to do this and as he played the evil spirit
would leave Saul.
However, when Saul went to the battlefield against the
Philistines, David split his time tending his sheep and playing
the harp for Saul. One day, David's father, wanted him
to take some food for his elder brothers who were on the
battlefield against the Philistines. As David did this he
became very concerned that this Philistine giant was getting
away with taunting the armies of the Living God.
Out of love for God, David went to Saul and requested
that he be permitted to fight Goliath. Saul saw him as
a youth and simply regarded him as a musician, not a
David boldly told Saul, "I have killed a bear and a lion.
The same God who delivered me from them will deliver
me from this Philistine." Saul told him, "Go and may
the Lord be with you." As he said this he to ...

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