What Is Not God's Will? by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #3
James 3:13-16
July 12, 1992
Since I became serious in my commitment to Christ
I became involved in a search from some clear words
about the will of God. People always ask me,
"Pastor, what is not God's will?1 or 'Pastor, what
is God's will?1 Two years ago this month I was
preaching on Sunday mornings expositionally through
the book of James. In my study and preparation
God showed me a section of Scripture that points
out clearly the will of God. For two years I have
tested and tried these principles. Even though
I preached on this passage two years ago, I must
come back to it for the next two Sundays. It is
so clear in relation to the will of God.
God's goal is very clear for us in verse thirteen.
His desire is for us to demonstrate through our
lifestyles godly actions and attitudes. He asks
in this verse, "Is there anyone who desires to know
and do the will of God?" Godly wisdom is applying
the principles of God to your life. His charge
in verse thirteen is to be in patient submission
to one another, free from malice and free from
revenge. God is encouraging us to keep our power
under control. Through our attitudes and actions
we demonstrate godly or ungodly wisdom.
I have been teaching you in this series that God
has a unique life plan for you that operates by
the principles of God's Word. If you will listen,
learn, and be ready to do the will of God, I promise
you that over the next two weeks you can discover
how you can discern what is not God's will and what
is God's will for your 1l,f. It will become clear
to you in all areas of your life.
For example, I will show you who is right and who
is wrong in family disputes or arguments. I will
show you what you should use as your gauge in
business decisions. I will show you how to recognize
something as not the will of God or as the will
of God within the- chu-uth-. I wiill als ...

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