The Power Of Reflection by Ronnie Floyd

Romans 8:28-29
December 12, 1993
The days we live in are fast paced and busy. Events are
coming and going. People are walking fast through life.
Things are not staying the same over any amount of time.
I heard Billy Graham say just the other evening that one
of the amazing things about life to him has been its brevity.
It is here today and gone tomorrow.
I want to make an announcement today to you. Stop!
Everyone of you. Stop right now! Just for a few minutes
today. For the next thirty minutes I do not want you to
think about anything except what I dialogue with you about
this morning.
I have always been somewhat intrigued with the challenge
from the Psalm writer when he tells us in Psalm 46:10,
"Be still and know that I am God." This morning I want
you to be still with me for a few minutes. i-f we a-re, an-d
accomplish our goal for this morning, you will leave here
with a greater confidence in the Lord God.
As we come to the closing days of 1993, it is a great time
to reflect. A great time for us to look back and see how
God has moved in each of our lives. As I reflect on my
life this morning, I challenge you to look back for a few
moments this morning and reflect upon yours.
I want to speak to you today on the subject of, "The
Power of Reflection." I am not talking about looking
at a simple snapshot of what has happened in your life
over these last twelve months, but I am tali~g about
a deliberate and intentional time to look at all that
has happened over the last twelve months of your life.
I challenge you to walk through this process with me
Let's begin with . .
Reflection is a part of a biblical term called,
"meditation." At least 25 times are we told to
meditate in the Old Testament.
Meditation is the act of calling to mind something,
thinking upon it, and relating it to your life.
Meditati ...

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