What God Says, He Means! by Ronnie Floyd

Exodus 25:21-22 and 2 Samuel 6:6-7
November 21, 1993
One of the greatest preachers in the history of Christianity
was a man named Charles Haddon Spurgeon. He was the
pastor of London's Metropolitan Tabernacle in the late 1800's
and he preached to 10,000 people weekly. He once said
these words:
"What was God's was God's and what God has said
He meant."
In our society today we follow human reason rather than
what God says. We attempt to justify and rationalize
our choices. This is unacceptable to God.
This is why this morning I want to preach this message
to you entitled, "What God Says, He Means!" God never
says, "Hey, just kidding . . ." or "Hey, I really did not
mean that." Listen, what God says, He means.
The purpose of this message today is to create within
you a new fear for God. A new respect for God. I realize
I cannot do that on my own, but I hope you will learn
about this today.
The Lord told Moses and His people to make the Ark
of the Covenant. This Ark - somewhat like this you
see today - symbolized the presence of God. It was to
be placed in the Holy of Holies.
This Ark was holy. It was sanctified meaning that it
was set aside and dedicated for a specific purpose. In
the Bible, when something was sanctified or holy, it
was not TO BE TOUCHED. It was set apart for God.
This small piece of furniture was holy ... set apart .
. . ordered by God - "do not touch it!"
When the Philistines had defeated the Lord's people years
later, they stole the Ark of the Covenant. However,
under David's leadership God's people were brought to
victory. Therefore, they were to transport the Ark of
the Covenant back to where it belonged in the presence
of God's people, symbolizing the holy presence of God.
Instructions were carefully given about how to do it.
In 2 Samuel 6 we learn that in their travel, the oxen
stumbled. A man named Uzzah responded out o ...

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