Substitutes For The Truth by Ronnie Floyd

2 Timothy 4:14
August 29, 1993
For years, there has been a slide toward liberalism in our
country. All of the various moral issues that we have
addressed in recent days are results of this slide toward
liberalism. Some have felt that this slide toward liberalism
began in the 1960's when prayer and the Bible were removed
from our nation's classrooms.
I want to make something very clear to you today: a slide
toward liberalism, immorality, and atheism all exist because
we have departed from believing that all truth comes from
God. Therefore, His Word, the Bible, is His book of truth.
Some of you may wonder why we have been talking about
the authority and infallibility of Scripture over the last
couple of Sundays. The Spirit of God has been really speaking
to me about making sure we are centered, as a people of
God, on the Word of God.
Therefore, this morning I want to share with you this message
entitled, "SUBSTITUTES FOR TRUTH." A substitute is,
"A person or a thing acting or serving in place of another."
The reason America is sliding into the mind set of a liberal
and secular society is because we in the church are
substituting other things for biblical truth.
Years ago the Apostle Paul knew this was coming. He
warned his son in te faith, Timoth, about this
possibility. These words are known as his last words.
Paul was in prison in the city of Rome, accompanied
only by Luke. It was in the dark hour before his death.
In a short time Paul was going to be beheaded for his
faith. His message to Timothy and to us is "faithfulness
in the face of hardship." In today's message, I want to
first share with you about:
(vs. 1-4)
There are all kinds of trends going on in churches today.
Multiple remarks are being made by various people
about the subject of worship and preaching.
I want to make myself clear today: The only way
our worsh ...

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