Behind Closed Doors by Ronnie Floyd

Colossians 4:3-4
International Conference On Communications
Arlington, Texas
June 28, 1993

Dothan, AL; Winslow, AR; Mesa, AZ; Modesto, CA; Sterling,
CO; New Castle, DE; Defuniak, FL; Albany, GA; Cherokee,
IA; Rexburg, ID; Dixon, IL; Marian, IN; Fort Kansas, KS;
Winchester, KY; Pineville, LA; Glen Burnis, MD; East Point,
MI; Fifty Lakes, MN; Sedalia, MO; Wiggins, MS; Billings,
MT; Landis, NC4 La& Vegas NV;: Planesfield, NJ: Lovington.
NM; Bronx, NY; Toledo, OH; Spiro, OK; Grove City, PA;
Conway, SC; Knoxville, TN; Lubbock, TX; New Port, VA;
Aberdeen, WA; and Charleston, WV.
What do each of these cities and towns have in common?
Each of these cities and towns plus hundreds of others
are places where we know our media ministry has made
an impact on the life of at least one person. Without the
BROADCASTS these people may have never heard a positive
gospel witness, come to Christ, and have their spiritual
lives challenged and blessed.
I want you to imagine with me a beautiful $500,000
home located on two acres of land with a BMW in the
garage and a Mercedes Benz in the driveway. Imagine
with me an adequate $60,000 house with a couple of
used cars around it located in. a moderate sub-dit1ision-
Imagine with me an apartment complex with 200
apartments, children, poor and dirty, all around it.
The complex reeks with signs of distress and problems.
Imagine with me a hospital room filled with hopeless
people encumbered by the bad news of terminal illness
and financial despair. Imagine with me a prison filled
with men and women who have had all their dreams
shattered by the foolishness of their choices.
What do each of these places represent? The represent
their fortress, their house, their dwelling place. Their
house or room represents the walls they have built
around themselves, wanting no one to come in.
It reminds me ...

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