Humility: God's Holy Way To Happiness by Ronnie Floyd

John 20:1-17
June 20, 1993
Since humility is close to being a missing word in our
language and lifestyle today, it is very important that I
define it today for you. Humility means to be lowly, to
be meek, to be submissive. Humility is a sense of knowing
your importance.
For example, humility calls you to be back on the line
. . pride says you belong at the front, especially first.
Humility does not expect special treatment by others, while
pride is greatly wounded if the special treatment does not
Humility says, "I love you" . . . pride says, "I deserve to
be loved."
Humility says, "How can I help you?" . . . pride says, "What
are you going to do for me?"
Humility calls you to sacrifice . . . pride calls you to
It is quite obvious in our "What's in it for me" society
we know little about "Humility: God's Holy Way To
Happiness." Let's evaluate the text by this theme tonight.
In verses 1-3, we read about the occurrence on Thursday
of Passion Week, the last week of Jesus' life. The divine
hour of suffering that would lead Him to His glory was
at hand. The Word declares how much Jesus had loved
those twelve disciples. He loved them to the end even
wMen one denied Him and another betrayed HI-.Atready
Satan had deceived Judas to betray Christ, but he was
still at the supper with Jesus. Jesus, knowing that God
had given all things to Him, was going back to the Father.
However, it was time to say "good-bye" to His disciples.
It was time to challenge them one more time in His ways.
It was the practice in Jesus' day for a servant to wash
the feet of a dinner guest before supper. However,
this was done on this evening.
Verse 4-5
Jesus took off His outer garment which was
customary to do work. He laid it aside and He
began to wash the feet of His followers.
Verse 6-9
Jesus experience w ...

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