How Secure Is Your Salvation? by Ronnie Floyd

John 10: 19-30
April 11, 1993
The security of some cars is quite complex. On some
cars they are secured by not only a key, but a certain
kind of key. On many luxury cars not only a key
secures the car but a system that is activated by
the punching in of a specific code. Therefore, if
someone attempts to steal the car the system is
activated and an alarm goes off.
Let me ask you a question: Let's say the car does
not desire to be secured? What can the car do about
it? Nothing!
What is my point? Only the maker of the car has
the power to secure it. Once the car is sold the
security of the car is transferred to the owner.
Our subject tonight is, "How Secure Is Your
Salvation?" Your salvation is quite secure. Why?
Because your Maker, God, has secured you. The
Lord Jesus, your owner, has secured you. The Holy
Spirit, your companion in life, has secured you
by sealing you from the devil until Jesus comes
The Scriptures:
John 10:19-24.
There is a debate going on between those who
believe in Jesus and those who do not. Some were
saying, "Jesus has a demon. Don't listen to Him."
Others were saying, "He is not demon-ossessed
because he healed a blind man."
It was at the time of the Feast of Dedication.
This is also known as the Feast of Lights or
Hanukkah. The feast commemorates the
re-construction of the Temple. This feast reminded
the people of their deliverance from their enemies.
It was winter time and Jesus was walking in the
Temple. The Jews came rushing to Him again
saying, "If you are the Christ tell us. . . we do
not want to be in suspense any longer. Tell us
How did Jesus respond to the Jews? Jesus shared
with them two truths in answering their question.
Jesus said:
I. MY WORKS TEvWY OF WHO I AM. (vs. 25-26)
I have told you and you have not believed.
The works, the miracles, the wonders I have
done tell you who I am. They testify of me.

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