The Beauty Of Heaven by Ronnie Floyd

Revelation 21:1-8
September 6, 1992
Years ago preachers preached on heaven and people talked
about heaven more than they do today. I believe one reason
is that people are living longer today, therefore, we are
not drawn to after death like we once were. Another reason
is because of our tough and rough society most people are
more worried about how to get through today, than they
are with going to heaven when they die.
When I was a boy I was always amazed and drawn to an
old pastor we had by the last name of Manler. I- car. see
him now, old Brother Mahler, right in the middle of his
sermon he- would begin to think of heaven. Hfe would stop
in the middle of it and weeping he would sing:
'In that bright city, pearly white city,
there is a mansion, a harp, and a crown.
Now I am watching, waiting and longing,
for that bright city that's soon coming down."
I would sit there as a boy in awe of the spirit and the heart
that old seventy plus year old preacher had for heaven.
All week long I have been going around and singing that
old song about heaven. Another one that the author
obviously captured the words we read a moment ago was,
"How beautiful heaven must be, sweet home of
the happy and free, fair haven of rest for the
weary, how beautiful heaven must be."
Why is heaven so beautiful? I believe God wanted to present
us with an eternal home that could not be compared in
any way with what any of us live in here on earth. Nothing,
not even the finest house in the world, will compare with
This morning I want to preach on, "The Beauty of
Heaven." What is so special and beautiful about
14:2; and 21:9-22:5)
In John 14:2 Jesus promised the mansion of heaven.
He stated that He Himself was going to prepare this
special place for all of the saved.
In-ltioi- Rv12 we read that heaven is being made
ready as a bride adorn ...

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