Is It A Job Or Is It A Ministry? by Ronnie Floyd

Hebrews 2:1 and James 3:1
Shiloh Administration and Faculty Luncheon
August 12, 1992
I want to praise God and congratulate each of you today
for assisting the ministry of Shiloh Christian School for
gaining a world-class reputation. A reputation, if it is
good, is a blessing. However, if a reputation is bad, it
can "'haunt" you forever.
For example, one of the finest institutions in the world
is Texas A & M University. Yet, I guess there will always
be jokes told about them.
I heard last week that some people were digging
around an- old barn fdown at Aggi-e Land and found
five skeletons. Come to find out, this was the winning
team from the 1949 hide and seek contest.
I guess you have all heard about the Aggie who was
so excited when he was able to put a puzzle together
in only four weeks. Someone asked him why he was
so excited. He replied, "Because the box said three
to five years."
Well, I am glad and do pray that our Shiloh students will
always be held in the highest regards.
In thinking about our reputation, I wonder what Christians
in the 1990's will be remembered for down through the
years. As we look back some 450 years ago to the days
of Martin Luther, we remember them with admiration
for their great convictions and the stands they were willing
to take. But how will people remember us 20, 50, or 100
years from now, if the Lord tarries?
I believe one of the main ways we will be remembered
is as a generation of drifters. Too many of us no longer
hold to the absolute truth God has revealed in His Word.
Too often we find ourselves saying, "Now, let's be reasonable
about this." Many no longer stand for what their parents
stood for and taught. We live on an idea, "If it feels good
do it and if its not convenient or it costs too much, don't
do it."
In Hebrews 2:1 we read, "For this reason, we must pay
much closer attention to what we have heard lest we drift
away from it. ...

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