Will You Be A Warrior On The Wall? by Ronnie Floyd

Isaiah 62:1-12
September 22, 1991
My number one goal as pastor of the fellowship is to see God
raise us up to being a praying people. Prayer operates from
the principle that I believe God is able to do more than me.
Year by year we are becoming more of a praying people.
We presently have three different prayer ministries that some
500 people are involved in: Intercessory Prayer Chapel, God's
300, and our prayer group ministry. As of September 30 these
three ministries will become one known as "Warriors On The
Wall." Permit me to briefly explain it, illustrate it and talk
about its accountability.
I believe there are two things we must believe about what
God wants to do through prayer:
1. Give us this area. (Joshua 6:16 says, "Shout! For
the Lord has given you the city.") God wants to
give us Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world
for Him. He died for the whole world.
2. Give us this area through warfare praying. (Ephesians
6:12 says, "For our struggle is not against flesh and
blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against
the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual
forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.")
Even in Ephesians 2:2 we see that Satan is the prince
of the power of the area. The only way God is going
to give us this area is through warfare praying.
He wants us to be watchmen or warriors on the wall.
What is a watchman in Scripture? A watchman is one
who stands guard. Ancient cities had watchmen
stationed on the walls. Their responsibility was to sound
a warning if an enemy approached. Some of the prophets
saw themselves as watchmen who would warn God's
people to repent and come back to God. So the
watchmen were to look out for the best of everyone
else. They guarded the city, kept alert, and were there
to defend if necessary.
* We need spiritual watchmen on the wall - warriors on
the wall to stand guard for Northwest Arkansa ...

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