Where Is Your Heart? by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 6:19-24
INTRODUCTION: Have you ever thought about the uncommitment in churches today?
Less than 40% of residential memberships come to Sunday School
Only about 35% of the people that attend on Sunday morning come back in evening.
Not over 15% of membership comes to Wednesday evening activities at church.
Less than 20% of membership supports over 80% of the budget of the church.
Less than 3% of membership attempts to come to an outreach visitation program.
**If honesty prevails, which value system in this world do we serve?(Secular world or
***The kingdom of this world and kingdom of God never mix or mingle. Christian faith)
Do we even think God and His work is important? Our lives demonstrate where our
hearts are in this world?
Exp: A Treasure is something that is cherished and is of value.
The moth, rust, and thieves demonstrate the temporal elements involved in world.
They have no value eternally at all!
Ill: An estimated $262 billion dollars in 1982 were spent on recreation.(Movies, theatres,
equipment, all sports, video games, and gardening)
Most people are not out of money in this world; "Money is an article which may be used
as a universal passport to everywhere except Heaven, and as a universal provider of
everything except happiness.
*In the midst of economic recession people still do what they want to do!
App: Most people's desires are to be someone and they do things to feel accepted.
Read I John 2:15-17 speaks about this!
Let's measure where our hearts are today?
1. How much time have you spent manipulating or politicing for personal gain in com-
parison to the time you have spent trying to meet someone else's needs?
2. How much time have you spent selfishly shopping in stores in comparison to the time
you have spent sharing Christ with your friends and relatives?
3. How much time have you spent in your favorite recre ...

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