What Motivates Stewardship In The Bible? by Ronnie Floyd

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, Pastor
1. Stewardship-is the practice of managing properly that which God has entrusted to you
whether is be time, talents, or money.
2. Theology-a study of God.
3. Attitude-is a feeling or a disposition that you have towards someone or something el-
1. Why do people not abide by the principles of God's finance in their lives?
2. Why do'people always complain about how much money the church is spending regardless
of the amount?
3. Why do these bad attitudes exist about money and finance in churches?
*The reason why bad attitudes exist about money and finance in churches is because
people do not have a proper theology of stewardship.
"What Theologies Influence A Biblical Understanding of Stewardship?"
1. The Theology of Stewardship
A. It is grounded in the Doctrine of God (God owns all, is all, has all, and demands
(Psalms 24:1-2; Haggai 2:8; Psalm 50:10-12)
B. Ownership-He owns all
C. Acknowledgement-From us that He owns all
D. Accountability-We are accountable to Him for what we have done with what He has
entrusted to Us.
E. Manager-We are temporary keepers of His possessions.
F. Old Testament word for stewardsh ...

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