Why You Should Pray For One Hour A Day by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 26:40
January 7, 1990
(Prayer #1)
INTRODUCTION: Over the next several weeks I am going to be
teaching and preaching to you right from where I am living
in my spiritual life. This series will be on prayer. I do
not have any set messages I will be preaching to you. I will
get week-by-week before the Lord and see what God wants to
say to us.
Tonight, I want to share with you, "Why you should pray for
one hour a day?" Your immediate response to that for many of
you is, "I do not have the time to pray for one hour a day."
Some would say, "Even if I found the time, I would not know
how to pray for one hour per day."
Let me ask you this evening: How much of God do you want?
Do you want to see God move mightily in your life? Wouldn't
you like to know that spending time with Jesus every day was
a true delight to your life? How much do you want to see
your church in a spirit of revival? "I wish our church was in revival like it used to be.">
What do you think got your church in revival in the first
place? Prayer. What do you think got your church out of
revival? Prayerlessness.
In Paul Y. Cho's book, "Prayer: Key to Revival", my life is
challenged to pray. This pastor of this Korean congregation
now has over 500,000 members. In one church, 500,000 mem-
bers! Why is this happening? People joining this church
at a rate of 20O000 per month! Prayer. The church bought
a mountain. Ti cal,s that mountain, "Prayer Moun-
tain." In 1983 over 300,000 persons registered to pray
on that mountain. Each Friday evening, over 20,000 Koreans,
meet for an all-night prayer meeting on Prayer Mountain.
In America, Saturday is a day off, but in Korea it is a
normal working day. They meet from 10:30 PM on Friday until
around 6:00 AM on Saturday morning.
Let me give to you a statement that was written in this book:
"As soon as we realize that prayer is as important as sleep-
inrW, eating a ...

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