Jesus' Plan To Pray Number 3 by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 6:9-13 (#3)
January 21, 1990 (P.M.)
A review of why we should pray for an hour a day and a review of why we say "Our
Father," "Abba Father," who art in heaven. The provision of Jesus' blood gives to
us the 1st division of the 7 divisions of the Lord's Prayer. Divsion One: The Privilege,
which is to call Him '?O-ur Father."
Division Two in the Lord's Prayer is under the one word title of "Promises." Isaiah
62 encourages us to remind the Lord of His promises. The Bible contains thousands
of promises. The Lord's names in the Bible are examples of promises of God. The
character of one is found in his name. In God's name we see the character of God.
I. PROMISES: "Hallowed be Thy name."
"agiazo?? is the Greek word for hallowed or holy. In Matthew 6:9 it means to treat
as holy, or to reverence. Through the names of God we see the revelation of His
Look with me to Psalm 9:10. When you are aware of the names of God you will claim
His promises and trust in Hi .-
You trust someone if they have a good name.
Their reputation, character, the revelation of them is through their name.
For example in Genesis 1:1 the name of God is "Elohim". Elohim is seen
here in plurality which symbolizes the powerful, majestic, ruler. The implication
is the "Fullness of Might." "El"- the strong One. "El Shaddaill - the Almighty
All Sufficient One.
Leviticus 24:16 says, "He that blasphemeth the name of the Lord, he shall surely
be put to death."
Therefore, the Jews were hesitant to say or write "Jehovah" or "Yahweh" so
they wrote a lesser name "Adonaill which means "My Ruler." The name Jehovah
occurs over 7,000 times in the Old Testament. It is translated in the English
as "Lord," Sometimes it is rendered "God."
The Hebrew text would read "YHVH." Yahweh is the pronunciation. When
adding the vowels you have Jehovah, "The Eternal, Ever-loving One." Why?
This name plays off of the verb "t ...

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