Is There Any Way To Please God? by Ronnie Floyd

JAMES 4:4-12
AUGUST 12, 1990
INTRODUCTION: When you think of God, what do you think about
Him? In other words, what is your perception of God? Many
would say that your perception of God is usually determined
by the way you perceive you own father. Let me illustrate!
If you see your father as a loving and gentle man, then
you would imagine God to be the same way. If you see your
father as a strict disciplinarian, then you would imagine God
to be a disciplining judge. Therefore, the way we understand
God to be is the way determines whether or not we can please
The question today is, "Is there any way to please God?"
The answer to that question today is found in this text of
James 4:4-12. In the text we definitely find two movements
illustrated to us:
There are five actions in this text that God says dis-
pleases Him:
(1) Spiritual adultery.(v. 4) adz
Ill: adulteress is someone who is faithful to the
marriage vows.
Exp: "friendship with the world"-loving and being
loved by the world.
"hostility toward God"-enmity, active hostil-
ity against God.
"enemy of God"-To love this old world is to
commit spiritual unfaithfulness to God and
to practice idolatry.
App: Salvation is a vow to God--He is your life!
(2) Jealousy. (v. 5)
Exp: This Scripture means, "The human spirit put
within you yearns to envy and jealousy!
This term jealousy means to do things toward
others with an ill will. It means to
desire strongly what someone else has!
App: If you will bend to anything to gain one's
approval, you are a jealous person!
(3) Pride.(v. 6)
Exp: "greater grace"--Gr. megas----much greater!
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"God is opposed to the proud"-The word "proud"
means to be arrogant, to think above and
beyond what you should think about yourself.
App: God hates pride. When we lift ourselves up,
we place ourselves out of God's will.
*Secular humanism deifies man--Be ...

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