What Is God's Will? by Ronnie Floyd

JAMES 3:13-18
JULY 29, 1990
INTRODTUCTION: Each day you make ma-ny decision-S in your lfe-
The closer you get to God the more concerned that you become
about making decisions in accordance with God's Word.
The real key to discovering the will of God in your life is
found in our text today about wisdom. In verse 13 the Holy
Spirit says that wisdom is not that which is intellectually
understandable, but practically lived. It is practical
What is the wisdom of God according to this section of Scrip-
ture? Godly wisdom is applying the principles of God to your
God's will has not been hidden from your life. The answer to
your life in relation to the will of God is found in this
passage. Follow with me in James 3:13-18 as we ask three
very important questions about this text:
Exp: There are six characteristics of worldly wisdom in
this text:
(1) Bitter jealousy: a sharp envious spirit. The
promotion of your opinion over another.
(2) Selfish ambition: a rival self-seeking spirit
that results in faction.(Creates we/they)
(3) Arrogant: Proud, boasting against the truth,
carry out your agenda to the fullest.
(4) Lie against the Truth: Deceit that occurs thru
uttering untruth and promoting falsehood.
(5) Disorder: confusion, commotion, tumult.
(6) Every evil thing: no righteousness present and
you will resort to every evil thing.
App: There are three sources of worldly wisdom:
(v. 15)
(1) Earth. (World)
(2) Sensual.(Flesh)
(3) Demonic. (Devil)
If these characteristic exist in any area in your
situation or life, it is worldly wisdom. It is not
the will of God. Run from it!
2. WHAT IS GODLY WISDOM?(vs. 17-18)
Exp: There are eight characteristics of godly wisdom:
(1) P'-e* Sincere moral and spiritual integrity.
(2) Peaceable: "at on ...

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