The Final Reward by Ronnie Floyd

MARCH 31, 1991
INTRODUCTION: U. S. News and World Report, the March 25,
1991 edition, stated that four out of five Americans be-
lieve in heaven. It also stated that three out of five
Americans believed they are going to heaven when they die.
As shared last week with you in this same article, three
out of five Americans believe in hell, but less than five
percent believe they will go to hell when they die.
The thrust of this article was that persons, more than ever
before, believe in the reality of eternity. God's book, the
Bible, teaches about the afterworld or if you may eternity.
One thing that makes life worth living to me is the thought
of one day receiving the final reward which is eternal life
in heaven for those who trust in Jesus Christ and Him alone
for our salvation.
T.S.: The message today is entitled, "The Final Reward."
Look with me to Revelation 21:1-8. Since heaven is the
final reward according to the Bible I want to evaluate
this text by asking three questions:
There are five facts about heaven I want to bring to your
attention in answering this question of, "What will
heaven be like?" Heaven will be:
(1) A NEW PLACE.(v.1)
This word new means it will be new in time and new
in kind. There has never been a place like it
before. It is not a renovated or restored heaven,
but a new one. First heaven and earth were
destroyed and the major difference in this new earth
is that it has no sea.
(2) A BEAUTIFUL PLACE.(v. 2; all of chapter 21;
John 14:1-3)
Ill: Bride adorned for husband.
App: Mansions in John 14:1-3; and the beautiful
stones mentioned in Revelation 21.
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(3) A BIG PLACE.(21:16-17)
Heaven is 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide, and 1500
miles high. A literal city containing 1,875,000,000
cubit miles. It would reach from Boston to Miami,
from New York City to Denver and be 1500 miles in
the air.

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