Armageddon: Apocalypse Now? by Ronnie Floyd

Revelation 16:12-16
March 17, 1991
INTRODUCTION: The title of this book, "Revelation", comes
from the word, "apokalupsis." This Greek word is a combina-
tion of two other words. The word, "kalupto", meaning to
veil. The other word is, "apo1,, meaning from. So the word
means to remove the veil, to unveil, or to reveal. So
when you hear the word in our day, "apocalypse", it means
the great unveiling as referring to the future or the unveil-
ing of the future.
The last great battle in this earth is called the Battle
of Armageddon. The book of Revelation unfolds some informa-
tion about this battle. The Battle of Armageddon is the
final event before our Lord returns to this earth. As we
unveil what we hear God saying to us today about this battle
we need to remember some principles of interpretation.
We cannot speak where the Bible does not speak. We need
to also remember that in these last days, events will be re-
vealed so quickly they will occur in rapid succession. As
well, the difficult thing about understanding the book of
Revelation is that it is not always written in a chronologi-
cal manner. However, we will attempt today to be true to
God's Word and learn what we need about the great Battle of
T.S.: I believe this morning we will gain much informa-
tion and application in understanding the Battle of Armaged-
don. Look with me to the the major thrusts in this passage:
Exp: The term "Armageddon" comes from two Hebrew words,
"har Megiddo". "Har" meaning hill or arm and
"Megiddo" meaning place of troops or place of slau-
Mount Megiddo is a small mountain located near the
Mediterranean Sea, overlooking a valley that
stretches out to the east. This valley is fourteen
miles wide and twenty miles long.
Napolean called this place, "the most natural
battlefield of the whole earth."
App: This place has a rich heritage. It was on th ...

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