Iraq's Future In Bible Prophecy by Ronnie Floyd

Genesis 10; Isaiah 13;- Jteremiiah 5r05-; Revelat.on 17-A8
March 3, 1991
Does the Bible have anything to say about the country of Iraq? We learned last week that the
old ancient Babylon is modern day Iraq. We learned that Iraq's present leader, Saddam Hussein,
refers to himself as the modern day Nebuchadnezzar. King Nebuchadnezzar was the ruler over
ancient Babylon that held God's people, Israel, in captivity. The same battle in Old Testament
days exists still today.
So, all of the verses we read today referring to Babylon are verses referring to modern day Iraq.
Therefore, the Bible indicates that Iraq is a major player in end time prophecy. Iraq is definitely
mentioned in God's Holy Word.
It would take hours to digest all of God's Word concerning Babylon or Iraq. Elowever, in these
moments this morning, I want you to look with me to three attributes of Babylon or Iraq that
is consistently found all across the pages of God's Word.
The Bible says the sins of Iraq are many. Permit me today to focus on four of her sins:
1. Rebellion. (Genesis 10:8-10)
Ham was the son of Noah - virtually all of Israel's major enemies came from the family
of Ham.
Notice Nimrod - the Hebrew word basis "marad" meaning rebel. Nimrod was a rebel
and the cities he founded were rebellious cities. Due to Nimrod being a hunter he gained
a strong position of leadership. Nimrod used his God-given skills for conquest and his
own good. This was the beginning of Babylon. Genesis 11:1-9 tells us Nimrod led a
united charge against God. He built the Tower of Babel (Babylon). It was their effort
to become God. But the Lord confused their efforts in judgment. So Babylon (Iraq)
has been rebellious to God and His ways since the beginning.
2. Demonology (Revelation 18:2)
All evil and demon or occult comes out of Iraq.
Astrology goes back to ancient Babylon.
New Age theology comes from the den of demons ...

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