When Revival Comes by Ronnie Floyd

Joshua 3:1-17
March 4, 1990
How far is goodness from greatness? What is the distance between the natural world to the
supernatural world? What is the distance from being carnal and to being spiritual? How far is
hell from heaven?
The answer to those questions is the same. ONE STEP!
A step forward toward God.
Children of Israel:
400 years in bondage
40 years in the wilderness
Joshua 3:15-16 relates that when God's people stepped into the Jordan a miracle occurred.
They were on their way into the Promised Land.
Egypt; Promise Land. (One Step!)
For many of you and for our church - you are just one step away from spiritual revival in your
life. I believe God has shown me personally through experience and His Word what is on the
other side.
I believe God is bringing and will bring our church into a state of spiritual revival. Ninety-
five percent of us are afraid to go into it because we do not know what is there or what may
happen. God told me this week the following nine c ...

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