What Really Counts In Life by Ronnie Floyd

Revelation 22:21b
February 18, 1990
Testimony of where I have been the last 100 days of my life.
Where I was: Meant well, administrative gift/Driver, was not a broken
man, did not know what it meant to be hurt, believe good/bad
what others said about me!
What happened: God began to draw me to Himself - Arkansas Baptist State
(cracked me) Convention - lies and public humiliation - broken me - family
only. Depths of prayer - cancer of wife - God broke me!
What is going on now different:
I desire to be with God constantly - new perspective - God alone is my strength.
I once preached about His power - now I know His power.
* Through the course of these 100 darkest days of my life God has taught
me so much! He has taught me, "What Really Counts in Life."
The Biblical Basis: "Amen!"
Hebrew: Used in reference to the faithfulness of God.
Used in agreement to one's prayer. (Amen)
God's perspective of Amen: "It is and shall be so"
Jesus is the Amen! Revelation 3:14
purpose of God's plan
Man's perspective of Amen "So-flet i-t be"
A term of agreement to "thus says the Lord!"
Preaching, music, worship, conversation [Amen!]
God says, "Thus it shall be"
Man says, "Let it be so"
* When Amen is being referred to in the last word of the Bible, what does it
Let all God has said be so!
When you view the whole of what God has said to you and me, we should say
Amen to what He has said!
Today, I want to share from my heart . . . Do not misread my heart or spirit!
I believe God has shown me not ...

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