The Four Greatest Enemies Of Revival by Ronnie Floyd

2 Chronicles 7:14
February 4, 1990
What keeps you from being all God wants you to be in your life?
What are the enemies you face in your spiritual life that hinder you from experiencing
Spiritual revival is the experience of being under the continual control of the Holy
Spirit in your life.
If someone were to say to you: "I will give you $1 million if you will do the
following four things," would you do the four things or do opposite those four
things? Most would do four and many more if we could have someone give us
$1 million.
Greater than having $1 million, God says you can have all of Him. He says
all He has is yours. He says, "I will give you, all my people, and even your
country spiritua revival- but you must do four things." In response to that many
of us do the opposite four things God says do and we become vessels against
a mighty moving of God in our lives.
These four enemies to revival can be overcome, however, we must identify
them in order to do so.
Solomon is the leader of Israel - the Temple has been completed - the glory
of God appears for a while - God speaks to him in verses 12-13 and says, "My
judgment, if it comes upon you, your people, my people must do four things
and I will repair the problems." These four things are given in verse 14: humble
ourselves, pray, seek God's face, and turn from our sin. God says, "I will bless
you if youl w.- do these things. "
Satan will try his best to get us to do the opposite and they will raise up as
the four greatest enemies of God moving in your life.
I will share two of the enemies of revival today and two next Sunday. The
enemies of revival in your life and in our church are:
I. PRIDE. (v. 14)
The admonition is for God's people to humble themselves. The word "humble"
is the Hebrew word "Kannah" which means to bend the knee, to humiliate, to
bring down, to be in subj ...

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