How To Minister To A Hospital Patient by Ronnie Floyd

Introduction: Attitude
1. Speak to everyone in the room and meet them.
2. Be bright and cheerful, but do not overdo it.
3. Be sensitive to the mood of the people.
4. Allow a spirit of genuine service come through your life.
I. What to do in a Normal Hospital Visit!
1. Speak to everyone in room.
2. Move fairly close to the patient's bed.
3. Sit down if you can-watch body language.
4. Show genuine concern about them-find out about them first.
5. Ask them if you can lead them in prayer before you leave.(optional)(Include others
6. Assure them of your concern again-Be positive and warm. In Room).
7. Do not stay long. This will vary, but if a person is in hospital, they need rest.
You need to be sensitive to it. 5-15 minutes is long enough. (Optional)
II. Pop-In Visits Are Acceptable At Times!
1. Non-church member
2. Person you may not know well at all.
3. Coma patients-you just see family.
4. Someone you have seen the day before.
5. Someone in a lot of pain-(broken leg or kidney stone) Its make patient feel insecure.
6. Let thme know of your concern.
***Any visit is better than none at all or it beats the attitude of I ought to go and
see old ., but never does!
III. Critical Care Patients Or Trauma Patients.
1. If you get in room you should not stay over five minutes.
2. Show them hope as much as you possibly can.
3. Assure them of your concern and love and pray for them.
IV. Critical Care Waiting Room Or Emergency Room.
1. Genuinely show your concern.
2. Do not sit around and talk about all your relatives that died of that disease.
3. In fact, you do not even have to talk. Your presence will be valued.
4. Be sensitive and volunteer prayer if you feel they want it. Sometimes they will
ask you.
5. Assure them of your concern and willingness to assist them in any way.
6. Stay as long as you can if family is not present with them.
7. ...

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