The Condition Of The World by Ronnie Floyd

A Mini-Series on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Message #2
Matthew 24:3-14
INTRODUCTION: Climatologist Iben Browning has predicted a
major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault to happen to-
morrow, December 3. The media has built this into one of
the biggest media blitzes of 1990. This earthquake is to
affect several states including Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky,
Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Some would ask, "Does
this mean we are closer to the end of time?"
Biblical Background: In the twenty-fourth chapter of the
gospel of Matthew we read what Jesus taught us in reference
to His second return to this earth. His disciples asked
him, "When will these things be?" and "What will be the sign
of Your coming?"
There are two very important words in verse three of our
text today. The first word is the word, "coming."1 This
word in the Greek is the word, "parousia."1 This word means
a coming and consequent presence. It is speaking of the
glorious events of the Lord's coming. The other word is
listed in a phrase and it is, '"the end of the age." This is
a better translation than the end of the world. This is
speaking of the completion of an era in preparation for
entrance into the next. Therefore, the Lord's coming taught
here is referring to a literal return to this earth where
the Lord dwells with us as well as the ending of one age,
entering another important age to come.
T.S.: In answer to these two questions found in verse three
we will attempt to answer them biblically from the same con-
text in which they were asked. Jesus gives us seven signals
that have to do with tne condition of the world that will
occur before the Lord comes again to this earth. These seven
signals are:
1. RELIGIOUS DECEPTION.(vs. 4-5, 11)
Exp: Jesus admonishes us to be intentional that no one
deceive you. Beware of many who will come and go
attempting to mislead you concerning relig ...

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