The Struggle Of Our Faith by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 4:1-11
INTRODUCTION: Any growing Christian will have his faith tested and will continually struggle!
The COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY: "Temptation is the enticement or allurment to some-
R.F. Says, "Temptation is the basic assault of our faith in God as thing!
the source of our existence."
"Devil"-'diabolos' which means slanderer. "the devil" identifies him as a real
person notjust an evil influence.
"if you are the son of God"--literally means since you are the son of God! The
devil knew who he was and tempted him to stumble him in his messianic mission
to die for the sins of the world.
IN TEMPTATION: Jesus had an opportunity to give in to the pressures of being a ruling
King on this earth, but he refused them! By his resistance to tempta-
tion and sin, he qualified himself to be the one who would bear the sins
of the world!
What is the struggle of your faith! The same struggle that Jesus' was on this earth!
Exp: Jesus was led up to fast by the Spirit! After 40 days and 40 nights he got hungry!
Satan said, "make these stones become bread"--He tempted him at his greatest weakness!
Jesus had a choice--He responded by quoting the Word of God in Deut. 8:3--He essentially
was saying, "I'll wait on God to meet my needs"
Ill: Moses had a choice to obey God or disobey when he was chosen to lead the people!
App: Your struggle daily is to have strong faith in God or else be disobedient to his word!
This is an everyday choice for the Christian! Will I have faith in God or do my own will?
When I have a physical need will I wait on God or let Satan take care of it!
*Satan will always offer fulfillment in your greatest weakness! He will try to stumble yoL
Your weakness may be: talking about others, critical spirit, alcohol, the opposite sex,
selfishness, and others! It will get in your weakness!
**We do know what to do from his word! Everyday we make our choice!

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