What God Wants For You In 1991 by Ronnie Floyd

Romans 12:1-2
January 13, 1991
There are some passages in the Bible that one must deal with, not once every five to seven
years, but at least once a year. The passage in Romans 12:1-2 is one of those passages we
need to look at at least once a year.
There seems to be some unclarity about what God expects from us. I believe if Christian people
who desire spiritual things are aware of what God wants, they will be more likely to give it
to Him. Living in grace does not mean you choose what you give God, but living under grace
means you yield to whatever God wants you to in your life. Living in grace places you in a
more likely position to do God's will.
"I urge you therefore, brethren" - to admonish, to encourage, to exhort you.
Illustration: Word picture - Exhorting troops going into battle. "Pep Talk"
"By the mercies of God" - the divine mercies of God like His grace, His provision, His power,
His care upon us - by those acts of mercy or compassion
"-To presert" (Greek) "paristamai' - "to place beside for any purpose"- technical term
for presenting a sacrifce.
"Your bodies" - meaning or representing "all of us" - (when you see my body up here you
are seeing me - all of me) (Our lives)
"A living" - (Greek) "zaw" - to live - alive
"Holy" - consecrated, set apart, distinctively like God
"Sacrifice" - offering (We are to give our lives as an offering to God)
"Acceptable to God" - well-pleasing to God
"Spiritual service of worship" - It is reasonable to give our conscience, our intellect, our
devotion to God.
* It is natural - when we see God - we give to Him our all as an offering to ...

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