Can God Do A Miracle In Your Life? by Ronnie Floyd

2 KINGS 6:1-7
FEBRUARY 10, 1991
INTRODUCTION: Anytime a need exists in your life, a miracle
has the potential to take place. Anytime a crisis occurs in
your life, a miracle has the potential to take place.
A miracle is a supernatural moving of God in a natural set-
ting. A miracle is when God gets involved in your life.
There are a couple of truths about God that are important for
you to remember when discussing miracles:
(1) God's nature il supernatural.
(2) God is able to anything He chooses to do.
Ill: I believe the greatest theological issue that the
church will face over the next several years is surrounding
one question: "What will we believe about the supernatural?"
There are two reasons I believe this is so:
(1) Satan's power will be unleashed in the last days.
(2) God's power will be unleashed in the last days.
Therefore, we need to understand the differences between the
supernatural power of Satan and the supernatural power of
T.S.: I want to address this subject of the supernatural
from the Word of God. In 2 Kings 6:1-7 we see some very
important words about the supernatural hidden in this sec-
tion of the Old Testament. Think with me today about this
subject in a two-fold manner:
Exp: Elisha was an itinerant prophet who went from
city to city teaching other prophets. He would
stay a short while in each place training the
prophets in the things of God.
His ministry was so effective that many young men
responded to him. The place became too limited
so the young prophets encouraged him to let them
build more space. Elisha consented and even ac-
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companied them in this building project. They
left to go near the Jordan River.
When they arrived there they began cutting down
trees that were close to the river. In the pro-
cess of cutting down the trees an iron axhead flew
off its handle and landed in the river.
The man ...

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