Share Jesus Now by Ronnie Floyd

Romans 1:14-17
January 7, 1910
INTRODUCTION: Have you set any goals for the coming year?
Most of you here today have set some kind of goal for your
life in the year of 1990. Permit me to ask you today: Have
you set as a goal to share Jesus Christ everyday of your life
with someone in this life?
One of the priority goals for each Christian here today
should be to share Jesus Christ now with persons from all
walks of life.
The theme of our church for the year of 1990 is SHARE JESUS
NOWW! We believe this must be the heartbeat of eath Cbristian
and we believe that we should share Jesus now! Not tomorrow,
nor next week, but NOW!
T.S.: In this text today, Romans 1:14-17, we discover the
truthful reality of what Scripture teaches about sharing
Ill: The Bible is authoritative, infallible, and without
error. It is an incredible book that challenges
each of our lives. Let's take it more serious than
ever before in 1990.
Exp: Notice in this text today the three spiritual prin-
ciples of sharing Jesus:
(1) You owe every person in this world Jesus
Christ. (vs. 14-15)
(Key words are obligated and eager)
(2) You are never to be ashamed of the gospel
of Jesus Christ.(v. 16)
(Key word is asha ...

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