Are You A Carnal Christian? by Ronnie Floyd

0 7?o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12-11-83
1 Corinthians 3:1-11
INTRODUCTION: Sitting in a doctors office reading a medical pamphlet! Heart disease--
What are the symptons? (Shortness of breath, high blood pressure, right arm
goes numb, tightness in chest, and others) Pretty soon you are convinced you
got it!
There are symptoms to a terrible disease which only Christians get--It is
called carnality! What is it? To be carnal means that you are remaining
under the influence of the world and partaking of it.
*Here are the symptoms!
1. HIS LIFESTYLE.(3:1-5)
Exp: The carnal Christian, WHAT IS HIS LIFESTYLE?
a. unspiritual--Cannot discuss spiritual things with him!
b. fleshly--still involved in world's activities! Doing the things of the world.
c. infant--still has to feed him milk of word, not meat. Not growing spiritually.
(Churc,h is only plact we have ta burp 2-() pound- babies)
d. jealousy--extremely selfish(fruit of strife)
e. strife--contentions and disputes.
f. divisions--dividing into different sides in the church
g. follow men, rather than God--which man is more important! (Who is your fellowship
h. Extremely unstable--up and down inconsistency determined by?)
App: Who is your faith based upon in this life?
What does your Christian growth depend upon?
What is your lifestyle? Any spirit of division, jealousy, etc.., is of the devil!
2. HIS LORD.(3:1-7)
Exp: Is it Jesus? Can a lifestyle that was described have Jesus as its Lord? NO!
Who is the Carnal Christian's lord?
a. I ...

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