What Ever Happen To The Sunday School - Part Ii by Ronnie Floyd

September 30, 1984
2 Timothy 4:2-5
INTRODUCTION: If you were a business executive and were asked to come to work to head up a
company that has been on a decline for the last 15 to 20 years, what would you do to turn
that business around? You would evaluate the entire area of the company especially the
area of the company that makes everything move in a positive or negative direction!
God has called me to lead your church as pastor, teacher, equipper and coach! For the last
15 to 20 years our church here has been on a continual decline in membership, baptisms,
and in our Sunday School. Some of you have said, "Our church has not had in years the
positive and influential voice that it used to have." Now if you were in my position
you would have to ask yourself WHY?
I am of the opinion that the entire church programs and ministries are determined by one
major organization in the church! I am of the opinion that our membership, our offerings,
our baptisms, are all determined by this same major organization in the church. This major
organization serves as the strong structure that can produce positive things or if this
organization is weak, the entire church program will be weak! The name of this organiza-
tion or structure is Sunday School! Immediately some of you say, "S.S. is for kids."
You are wrong--Sunday School is for growing and maturing Christians and serves as the
only organization in this church whereby you and your family can learn about Jesus in an-
indeptth manner! What is Sunday School? It is a Christian education School that meets
on Sunday at 9:30 AM every Sunday morning! My question to you today is, "Whatever Happened
to the Sunday School?"
One educator has said, "It is the most wasted hour of the week."
J. EDGAR HOOVER said, "Sunday School is a crime prevention laboratory."
Many of you are not involved actively in a Sunday School class! Why? Out of almost 2,100
r ...

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