How To Bring Life And Vitality To Your Sunday School (2 of 3) by Ronnie Floyd

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Matthew 28:18-20
The vast majority of Sunday Schools in this country are in a declining posture. Very few
churches are reaching the lost and unchurched population in our country. Most are just
trading members with other churches and the growth they are experiencing is biological
growth. What is the problem?
The Bible says in Matthew 2 8.-8-20O that the responsibility of each- Christria-n is to have
a world vision of going, winning, reaching, and developing disciples. This is the heartbeat
of the church. When the church is not sold out to the purpose of winning people ta Jesus_
the church will experience no life and the result will be decline in enrollment, attendance,
membership, and baptisms. When a church is not growing, the church is dying.
Since Matthew 28:18-20 is to be our purpose, what is our strategy going to be to carry out
our marching orders? The Sunday School is the best strategy to carry out our commission
to witness and to win. The Sunday School is the church organized to reach people and
develop them in their walk with God. The primary purpose is to reach them and the
secondary purpose is to develop them.
Would you like your Sunday School to have life and vitality? Would you like your Sunday
School to be the agent that carries out the Great Commission of Jesus? Would you like
your Sunday School to get into a growth posture and remain in that posture?
In the early 1900's there was a man named Arthur Flake. He was born in Fayette County,
Texas, and developed some principles that changed the face of his denomination. Flake
was a pioneer. He told the world how to build the Sunday School. Life and vitality came
to Sunday Schools all across this nation as pastors, staff members, and church leaders
implemented his principles of growth.
My goal today in this message is to share these principles with you that Arthur Flake derived
from th ...

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