A Heart To Heart With The Pastor- Part I by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 16:18
Midnight Madness '92
August 14, 1992
INTRODUCTION:My main spiritual gift is administration. Other
complementary gifts to this gift that are in my personal gift
mix are the gifts of evangelist, prophet, giving, and pastor-
In Gary Smalley's animal characters that denote certain
personalities I am identified as a lion. I know that sur-
prises many of you since I hide it so well.
In those personality tests I am graded as dominant and
aggressive. Those things surprise me everytime I take one.
In that test of life that most men take daily . . . that
test of our spouse, Jeana grades me as an I. The I stands
for intense, intolerant, interrogative, and insistent. It
is amazing the way we see ourselves, isn't it? I thought
when she labeled me with I that she would use words like
insightful, inspirational, intelligent, and interesting.
Well, you know, sometimes our greatest strengths can be
our greatest weaknesses. My gift of administration or lead-
ership leads me to a high intensity level where I appear to
be things that I really am not.
Therefore, tonight, I want to have a heart to heart with
you. If I preached a message, I could not help myself. I
would appear as intense. So I have some ideas running
through my head and my heart that I just feel like I need to
share with you as our church leadership team. I am going to
try to be casual, calm, and collective. If I begin to be
intense Jeana is going to hold up a big white flag with the
letter I on it for Intensity. Then I will know it is time
to calm down.
T.S.: Seriously, I really need to talk to you. I also
really need to know you are listening to me. I am going to
assume each of you love me, that you support me as your
pastor-leader, and that you accept me, not judging any of
my motives because you know I am committed to the mission
of Jesus Christ.
There are ten items I want to address with you tonight.
My time is limit ...

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