The Coming Violent, Raging Wrath Of God by Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie Floyd

Revelation 16:1-9
November 5, 1989

Last week we shared about the forecasts of the future. God said that His judgment
was sure.

Revelation 16 reveals the final completion of God's wrath.
We see God pour out the seven bowls of wrath. Allow me to answer some relevant
questions before we teach the text:
Are these bowls of wrath literal?
Yes, four out of the seven occurred during the ten plagues upon Egypt.
They are not symbolic, but literal.
Are the bowls of wrath the same as the trumpet judgments of the Revelation?
Na, because the trumpet judgments were just on selected regions and people.
The bowls of wrath are poured out upon the entire earth.
Why the bowls of wrath?
1. God must judge sin.
2. Man cannot rebel against God without paying for it.
3. To rally the nations for the Battle of Armegeddon.

T. S.:
This morning I want to look closely at the first of the four bowls of wrath in
Revelation 16:1-9.

"loud voice" - Voice of God
"saying" - God is one instructing the judgment
"pour out" - to empty completely (Contains God's wrath for this hour)
"seven bowls" - literal
"wrath of God" - "thumos" - meaning: anger, burning, blistering anger
"loathsome and malignant sore" - "elkos" - an abscess, boil or sore
"men who had mark of beast and who worshipped his image" - receivers of the sores!
Not Go ...

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