Your Greatest Decision by Ronnie Floyd

9 7Y9S MARCH 20, 1983
Isaiah 1:18-20
INTRODUCTION: In my reading not long ago I read that the five greatest decisions for
every person to make in life were: 1. Education 2. Career 3. Marriage part-
ner 4. Where he lives and 5. Where he goes to church.
These are great decisions to make, but I submit that the greatest decision that
one must make concerns where he will spend his eternity.
Exp: Judah had sinned greatly to the Lord because they emptily worshipped God.
They had form, but no substance. Their heart was evil and ungodly.
*God had invited man to reason with Him-"To reason"comes from a legal vocabulary.
It means to argue one's case-This means that we are to stand at attention while
God sums up his case against us and gives to us the alternatives.
Even though their sins are wrong and ugly he has promised clensing from them.
Even though they are guilty, God will pardon their sin!
*God is offering to Judah and to you today one great opportunity!
Ill: Man caught in an attempted robbery of our bank-$100,000.00 he was taking and
the police caught him. (20 witnesses) Judge pardoned him and gave opportunity!
App: In legal court this would probably not happen, but in God's court it can happen.
As God evaluates your case you are given a greater opportunity-
Romans 6:23-"The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God ...

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