The Hour Is Coming . . . Hell! by Ronnie Floyd

X$)% 95 FBC-PALACIOS (3-11-84 AM)
Luke 16:19-31
INTRODUCTION: We live in a changing world! Article: "The Church in A Changing Place"
For example: 1970 U.S. Population was 203 million. 45% of those people were under 25
23% of those people were between 25-44
20% of those people were between 45-64
9% of those poeple were over 65
1988 U.S. Pop. estimation-245 mil. 37% of those people under 25
31% of those poeple between 25-44
19% of those people between 45-64
12% of those people over 65
*Even though the world is changing the only unchanging thing is the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Many think it has changed, but it has not! The methods of sharing it in
our fast-changing world have changed. Our church programming must continually keep
up with the contemporary world or else we will become ineffective in reaching out! Heaven
** The gospel has not changed: God has given Jesus: Man is sinner: He has choice: Hell
T.S.: Story is a parable or not, ABRAHAM'S BOSOM--paradise, where the dead in God liveed till
the redemption of Christ on Cross!
Hebrew (sheol) the underworld where the dead live.
Greek (adns)Hades, a {fark, obscure, and miserable place far fro-m hleaven, where those
who lived witt hrist will be punished forever.
Exp: Contrasts: a. Living conditions
1. Rich man-purple, very wealthy lived in splendor daily.
2. poor man-poor laid at rich man's gate, covered with sores, crumbs
off his table, picture of poverty.
b. Spiritual conditions
1. rich man-Bible does not say he cheated, was immoral, but lost
2. poor man-once publicly acknowledged the Messiah
c. Eternal destinies
1. rich man-hell
2. poor man-Abraham's bosom, paradis, or heaven.
Similarities: BOTH DIED

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