I Am Accountable by Ronnie Floyd

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Romans 14:12
INTRODUCTION: When I was a child we lived in a big two story home . . . I was responsible
for mowing the lawn! BUT, after laziness I was accountable to my father!
The Greek word for accountable is "loyon"--It means to reckon, to report,
to explain or justify something!
Ill: Even in a job situation everyone is ultimately responsible to someone
for how they are doing their job!
*I want to ask today three questions concerning the concept of accountability (Bibl(
Ill: When we have been given a responsibility we worry about what others are thinking
concerning our job performance. We worry ourselves to death over this matter!
Exp: When you live your life you are ultimately accountable to only one person! This is
God! Read the Scripture: All will account to God! All of life is between you and
God! You do not answer to anyone else!
Ill: When Jesus was praying the disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane fell asleep. Three
times Jesus awakened them because they forgot that they were accountable to him for
what they are doing with their time. He had asked them to pray but they slept!
App: In all of life you are accountable only to God. Now God has set up an authority
structure so that you have others to account to, but ultimately you answer only
to him.
You do not answer to your mother-in-law, your friends, your pastor, your church,
your deacons, but only to God! This should motivate you tremendously.
Ill: In my first pastorate I tried to please everyone, then I learned I was responsible
only to God! What freedom came in my ministry!
Exp: You are accountable for what you do with Jesus? Have you accepted him?
You are accountable for how you live your life as a Christian! Is Jesus #1 or other,
You are accountable for your family that God has entrusted to you!
You we accountable for your time, your talents, the treas ...

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