The Spirit Of Nevertheless by Ronnie Floyd

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2 Samuel 5:7 and 1 Samuel 17
A Bible Study for the University of Arkansas Coaching Staff
September 15, 1994
Reportedly, IBM's Tom Watson was asked if he was
going to fire an employee who made a mistake that
cost IBM $600,000. He said, "No, I just spent $600,000
training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his
Fast week in South Carolina, you may have felt that
;ome of those $600,000 mistakes were made. Failure
4an be a great teacher. - Henry Ford used to say, "Failure
is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently."
"Nevertheless, David captured the stronghold of
Zion, that is the city of David."
2 Samuel 5:7
At age 30, David became King over Judah. For seven
and one-half years he reigned in Hebron. The rest of
Israel came into his hands and he wanted to move the
capitol city to Jerusalem. They tried to turn him away
and keep him out, nevertheless, David captured the
city and spent an additional 33 years in Jerusalem as
King over all of Israel.
Notice the word, "nevertheless." It means that even
though you are against all odds . . . nonetheless, not
withstanding, however, in spite of that, but, nevertheless
you defy the odds and do what you feel you need to
A person has to learn what I am calling today, "The
Spirit of Nevertheless." I asked myself when I saw
this Scripture, "where did David learn this spirit of
nevertheless?" Then I remembered where he learned
it. It is recorded in I Samuel 17.
taitis pJLOrCEPLE.
here was a' time in David's boyhood, probably in hils
Ater teen years that he matured in this principle of
evertheless. David was a part of Israel. Their enemies
ere the Philistines. The champion quarterback for
iebPais~tines seemed -unstoppable. In fact, no one
i ail of Israel want to go against him. He was built
iore like middle linebacker or a defensive end. Hi
Nfas nine and one-half feet tall. His headgear, shoulder

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