From The Pit To The Pinnacle by Ronnie Floyd

Genesis 50:20
September 29, 1994
"And as for you, you meant evil against me,
but God meant it for good in order to bring
about this present result, to preserve many
people alive."
Genesis 50:20
Someone asked me recently, 'Do you think God is
interested in football?" My response was, "God 'is
interested in whatever we have interl our lip
I believe firmly He is interested in it tfaou baus~e
many of you feel a sense of calling a,nd 6esny about
doing what you are doing with your ives. You fee
a sense of destiny.
It does not matter what any of us do in life, God
wants to use it for His glory to fulfill His purpose
in everyone's life.
I.want to introduce to you a man who knows just how
you feel. His name is Joseph. He was the youngest
of twelve in the family. All the others were brothers.
He was greatly loved and favored by his father as the
youngest. His father even made him a coat of many
colors to denote that love, honor, and distinction.
Joseph was hated by all of his brothers. They were
jealous of him. One day when he was sent by his father
to check on his brothers, they plotted against him to
kill him. They stripped him of the coat of many colors
and threw him into a pit. (Read Genesis 37:23-24)
Their plan changed and they decided to sell him as a
slave, but while they were gone from the pit, a group
of Medianites came by and found him. They rescued
him from the pit, brought him into Egypt, and sold him
to Potiphar, who was one of Pharoah's top officers.
When Joseph's brothers returned to the pit they
discovered he was gone. They took Joseph's coat, dipped
it into blood, and went to their father and told him
that he had been devoured by a wild animal. His father
wept, believing the sons.
While in Egypt, Joseph became well-known as a servant
of Potiphar. He had incredible leadership gifts. One
day ...

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