Living With A Passion For God (3 of 3) by Ronnie Floyd

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Living With A Passion For God (3 of 3)
John 15:1-13
November 29, 1992
Have you been living in the love of Jesus Christ this week?
Last week I shared with you that "loving God is a passionate
desire to obey and please God - - a willingly entered into
discipline." The greatest thing you can do is to love God
with an endearing passion. The kind of passion that is
enthusiastic, fervent, personal and endearing.
The desire of hundreds of us last week was to regain this
kind of passion or love for Jesus Christ. Today, I want
to teach you how to live with a passion for God. The title
of today's message is "Living With A Passion For God."
In these thirteen verses of Scripture in one of the
greatest chapters in all of the Bible we hear the words
of Jesus about, "Living With A Passion For God."
This text serves as a reminder and as an
encouragement to us. Let's begin to work our way
through it together:
Jesus teaches us in this section "how to" live your
life in deep love for Him, which is obeying and pleasing
God above everything else.
Verse 1:
"I Am" - an Old Testament name for God
meaning He is everything.
"True" - genuine, the one and only.
"Father is the vinedresser" - one who cares
for the vine and the branches.
Verse 4:
"Abide in Me" - to remain in, to continue in,
to live in Me, and to stay in Me.
* You cannot express Jesus to others, unless
you continue in Him.
Verse 5:
"Apart from M ...

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