Losing Your Passion For God (1 of 3) by Ronnie Floyd

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Revelation 2:1-7
November 22, 1992
Have you lost your passion or fervent love for Jesus? Last
May I was in a church growth seminar with Dr. Jerry Vines
at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. He
said, "The greatest thing you can teach your people is to
love Jesus."
For several weeks I have been studying and meditating
upon the story of the church at Ephesus. It is a unique
story that paints the picture of the modern day church.
We have already degenerated beyond what Scripture records
about Ephesus, even though we know this church and this
city both ceased around the 14th century. Today, it is
only ruins.
In Charles Colson's book, "Loving God", he writes about
how American culture and even the church have embraced
the worship of fame, success, materialism, and celebrity.
His conclusion about why we have embraced the worship
of these is because we do not know how to love God. Colson
says, "Loving God is a passionate desire to obey and please
God - a willingly entered into discipline." He goes on to
say the key to loving God is knowing and obeying Scriptures.
He said, "What made me a radical was not going to prison,
but taking to heart the truths revealed in Scripture." What
a powerful thought.
So, this morning I am going to ask you to go back
with me to the basic of all basics . . . loving God.
I want to take the truths of this passage this morning
and speak to you on "Losing Your Passion For God."
I want to Took at this passage today and draw some
truthful statements out that can apply to your life.
1. You can have a great worldly and spiritual
heritage and lose your passion for God.
"Worldly" - Ephesus was a large metropolitan
city, the most prominent city in the Roman
province of Asia.
Home of Artemis, the Greek goddess of the
moon. Artemis watched over nature f ...

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