The God Who Desires To Connect With You by Ronnie Floyd

Message #2
Isaiah 6:14
September 19, 1993
In the September 13, 1993, edition of the magazine,
"Christianity Today", there is an interesting article written
by Charles Colson on, "My Journey From Watergate."
Charles Colson was involved in the Watergate Scandal
of the Nixon Administration, however, was gloriously saved
while serving his time in prison. In this article he says
that it was twenty years last month that he met Christ.
In the article he reflects about what he has learned over
these last twenty years of living for Christ. (Quotes)
Isn't it interesting to hear these words from a man who
was once a political leader in this country, but is now one
of the greatest spiritual leaders in this country. What
would you say has changed in his life?
His perspective?
His vision?
The way he sees things?
Why? Because twenty years ago he saw his lostness without
Jesus, repented of his sins, and surrendered his life to Jesus
Christ. If you may, he was given a pair of spiritual
eyeglasses when he met the Lord and now he sees things
totally different than he did before.
Periodically, many of us who know Christ still lose
perspective when we feel the interruptions and pressures
of life. If those interruptions have caused me to drift from
the Lord, my vision or perspective has gradually changed
as well. My problem is that I do not see God as I need
to see Him, therefore, my perspective of things around
me changes. My vision of who He is becomes blurred.
In our text today we read about a man named Isaiah. He
was a very astute man politically and economically. He
was a literary genius born in 760 B.C. He was gifted to
articulate through speech and writing about the various
issues his nation was facing. In fact, he and Charles Colson
were a lot alike.
Isaiah knew his nation was in trouble. One day while
entering the Temple to pray he had an experience that
would ...

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