It May Get Worse Before It Gets Better by Ronnie Floyd

Message #4
Isaiah 6:1-7
October 3, 1993
One out of every five Americans will get the disease called
cancer. Cancer is a growing disease in this nation. For
example, in 1990, the year Jeana was diagnosed with breast
cancer, one out of every nine women were victims of breast
cancer. Today, one out of every eight women. By the turn of
the century, unless a cure is found, one out of every seven
women will be victims of breast cancer.
Surely you have noticed something strange about this disease
among people you know that have cancer. When they are
diagnosed, some have absolutely no problem with their
appearance of health. Yet the cancer cells are flowing freely
through their body; therefore, various kinds of treatment is
prescribed and begun. Before you know it, this victim of
cancer who receives treatment becomes very ill at times due to
the treatment of the cancer, rather than the cancer itself. Their
body goes through major changes in appearance. In the midst
of their anxiety of their disease, a doctor may say these words
to them, "It may get worse before it gets better." What is he
saying . . . "Stay the course, we must treat you in this manner,
it may get tougher, but it is necessary in order for you to get
better. "
Spiritually speaking, this is exactly what happened to the
prophet Isaiah and will happen to you when you walk with
Christ. Some of us who desire to have an intimate time with
God everyday and have made that commitment, may have
experienced strong spiritual warfare all week long. We might
think that if we are in the Lord's presence, being filled with
His Spirit, surely Satan will leave us alone. Not so!
In this Bible text, let me remind you that Isaiah had just had
the experience of his life. He had seen the Lord! You would
think he would have exploded telling everyone or would have
strutted around since he had seen the Lord. Not so! It got
worse f ...

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