Your Life Never Lies To You Part 2 by Ronnie Floyd

Matthw 6:33
October 24, 1993

This is an interesting thing. I remember when I was a
teenager and I heard aduLts talk adapt the older yoi get,
the faster life goes by. I was not sure about that when I
was a teenager, but I am positive about it now. The older
you get the faster time goes by.
A good example of this is how in the late 1980's all you heard
about was the challenges of the 1990's. By the time 1990
was complete you no longer heard about 1990's anymore,
but you began to hear about the challenges of the 21st
century. In the information age, time never sets still, but
is greatly accelerated.
It was some time ago that one of our singles came in to
counsel with me about stress in his life. He was climbing
the corporate ladder in one of our local corporations. His
future was bright. He worked six days a week, came to
church on Sunday, and ate while he was on the run. Personal
time was- non-existent inr his lf ee. He shared with me that
he felt he was in a race and could never catch up.
I began to ask him about his personal time with God. He
shared with me that he used to have a time with God, but
things were just now too busy and too disorderly in his life.
Listen, this young Ginaadult had be-come a victim of the
rat race. He had X is daily fcl o iip with God. As
a result, he felt frustrated, stressed, and confused as to
why he had no control over his schedule.
What do you lose when you become a victim of the rat race:
1. Fellowship with God.
2. Order.
3. Balance.
Why do you become a victim of the rat race?
* Wrong priorities.
T. S.:
Last week I shared with you the first part of this message
entitled, "YOUR LIFE NEVER LIES TO YOU." Today
I want to give to you the second part of this message.
Last week I shared with you the scripture, Matthew 6:33.
The real teaching of that passage is that we are to pursue
after the kingdom of God, the things of ...

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