Preparing To Face Life's Real Issues by Ronnie Floyd

Message #8
Isaiah 6:8 and Matthew 6:21
November 7, 1993
I want to begin with a statement of conviction I
have about life. Every challenge we face is a
preparation for our final challenge, which is death.
My past challenges and future ones:
Child: older sister and brother
Teenager: peer pressure
College: Keep a hot heart for God
Seminary: balance and order
Husband: High affection/love for wife
Parent: To do all I can to help my boys grow
up loving Jesus and being committed
to taking the gospel to the world.
A Statement Of Practical Truth:
The process always precedes the product. We always
want the outcome of what we do to be good . .
. to have a good product. If we do not like the
product, our only choice is to change the process.
We all want to live orderly, balanced, and
spiritually powerful lives However we must pay
close attention to the tirocess discovered in Isaiah
(Upward, inward, outward)
Only when he had seen the Lord, gotten his own
life in perspective, could he rightly relate to
the real issues of his life. Isaiah knew they
were not going to receive his word, yet he was
available to God.
In order for us to prepare to face the real issues
of life, (the way we relate to persons,
possessions, and possibilities) we must realize
that these are issues of the heart.
Matthew 6:21 says, "For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also." Jesus was saying
what we value will be seen in how we are relating
outwardly to persons, possessions and
I want to clarify the twelve major issues of life
we are going to face daily as persons. Each of
these issues require a godly response.
I. SURRENDER. (Romans 12:1-2)
* Our spiritual service is surrender to God.
* The most important issue we face everyday
is the issue of surrender -- Are we willing
to surrender our lives to God?
II. PRIORITIES. (Matthew 6:33)
* Our ...

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