The Supernatural Control of the Holy Spirit (1 of 3) by Ronnie Floyd

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Sermon #2
The Supernatural Control of the Holy Spirit (1 of 3)
Ephesians 5:15-21
Marc-i 7, 1993
How do you turn the natural into the supernatural? For
example, if someone hits you, it is natural to hit them back.
If someone says something bad about you, it is natural to
say something bad about them. If someone treats you
wrongly, it is natural to treat them wrongly. If your flesh,
the real you, wants to do something and it is wrong in some
way, it is natural to go and do it in order to fulfill your
The typical Christian life models this kind of natural life-
style. However, God says there is more to the Christian
life than this. He says you can be supernaturally controlled
by the Holy Spirit.
This morning, I want to talk to you about, "The
Supernatural Control of the Holy Spirit." The words
that I share to each of you have the power to change
your life. Each Christian today should be eager to learn
about how God can control youR life in a supernatural
If you are not a born-again Christian, you should be eager
to listen because your present way of life will end in
a wasted life that will be eternally doomed to hell. Let
me introduce you to something much better than you
have now.
There are two movements in these series of verses.
I want us to look at each of them today in an in-depth
manner. Let's view them as God's words to us today.
What is God saying to us about living a supernaturally
controlled spiritual life?
The Lord gives to us in this text some very important
counsel. This counsel is given to us in four simple
1. Live wisely. (v. 15)
This means to apply what you already know and
do it continually in your life.
2. Seize your opportunities. (v. 16)
Make the most of your life in every way.
3. Understand God's will. (v. 17)
To understand means to bring things together
and understand how they rel ...

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