Experiencing Failure At The Height Of Sucess - Part Ii by Ronnie Floyd

Message #6
2 Samuel 5:10-13
May 23, 1993
Richard Nixon was elected President of the United States
in 1968. He had defeated Hubert Humphrey, his democratic
opponent, and former Governor George Wallace of Alabama,
the candidate of the American Independent Party.
Earlier in Nixon's political career, he was elected Vice-
President of our country at the age of 40 - the second
youngest man to hold that office. He also had been elected
twice to the U. S. House of Representatives and once to
the U. S. Senate.
After taking office as President, Nixon won respect for
his conduct of foreign policy. He ended U. S. military
participation in the Vietnam War and eased the tension
that had existed for years between the United States and
both China and the Soviet Union.
Friends knew Nixon was a very sensitive man. But in
politics, he won fame as a tough, forceful campaigner.
He liked a good fight and had a fierce determination to
succeed. In 1972 Nixon won a second term in a landslide
victory over Democratic Senator George McGovern.
The Watergate Scandal hit the Nixon Administration during
1973. It arose from a break-in at the Democratic Party
Headquarters in the Watergate Building Complex in
Washington D.C. on June 17, 1972. Employees of Nixon's
1972 re-election committee were arrested in the break-
in and convicted of burglary. Early in 1973, evidence was
uncovered that linked several White House aides with either
the break-in or later attempts to hide information related
to it.
Nixon insisted that he did not participate in the break-in
or the cover-up. In addition, he promised a full investigation
of the case. In July a Senate investigating committee
learned that Nixon had secretly make tape recordings of
conversations in his White House offices since 1971. He
was forced to release these tapes, which showed that he
had approved a Watergate ...

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